Inanda Bass Classic Fishing Etiquette

All the below accepted angling courtesy’s are aimed at making angling at competitions and on practice days  more enjoyable and pleasant and hopefully prevent any unpleasantness.  Please study and practice them.

Courtesy to yourself and your family

Always inform your family of your intended destination and approx returning times. The cell phone is a useful tool in this regard  in emergencies this is could be a lifesaver.

Courtesy to your quarry

Be careful and gentle with your bass he is the reason for your enjoyment. Do not disrespect him and handle him carefully by the lower lip only and do not throw him back! Put him back gently and know that we will enjoy this sport for many years to come.

Slip way manners

Prepare your trailer and boat before getting on to the slipway.
Launch your boat and move out the way so others may use the slipway.
Pull away from the bank at the slipway at idle until well clear before gunning the motor.
Park your trailer and vehicle well clear of other people launching.

Other anglers

Remember anglers are naturally protective of a fishing spot that they have found or are using.  Common courtesy and manners makes his and your day a pleasant one
Keep away from other anglers fishing.
Do not approach another boat within casting distance; this is the accepted distance to keep away.
If he casts to your boat and reaches it, you are too close!
During a competition should you fail to move after being asked to do so you could be disqualified if reported to the organizers.
Respect angler’s marker buoys stay away, this is his spot
Be aware of your boat wake, you are responsible for your boat wake
When passing another angler in a narrow area ask permission first.
Do not fish while passing close to him but wait until well clear.
A friendly greeting goes a long way to ensure a safe passage past.
When leaving fishing spots with others in close proximity sneaker or idle away until well clear before accelerating away.
When passing anglers at high speed give them a wide berth.

Break downs

If encountering a fellow angler in boating distress you will sure earn his respect and appreciation for any assistance given e.g. Towing him back to the slip way. If you are the victim of this unfortunate incident remember to offer some compensation for the petrol used in towing you back..

Boat partners and owners

Inform your partner of any allergies or health problems you may have be mindful of the boat owners costs in maintaining his boat and  help wherever possible with  expenses  and cleaning after an outing if possible.
Partners to be especially respectful of the owner’s likes and dislikes regarding behavior and procedure whilst on his boat.
Boat owners to instruct passengers on the whereabouts of life jackets, keys and how to take over the boat in case of emergencies.


If competing in any competition see it through to the end and especially the prize giving. This is common courtesy and not attending shows a lack of respect and courtesy for the organizers and your fellow competitors.

Be mindful

Do not throw any article into the water especially tins bottles and plastic
Make sure you always take your broken or used fishing line away with you and dispose of it  so that it harms no wild life (burn it to make it safe.)
Be warned your voice carries easily over long distances so remember what you say could be overheard.
Remember, you may not be remembered for your courtesy, but you sure will be remembered for any bad manners and lack of sportsmanship you may display.

Thank you have a great day!

Its not difficult to be a good sportsman!!