Inanda Bass Classic Rules

  1. Only officially registered and paid up competitors will be allowed to enter the competition. Entries are only accepted on condition that the angler agrees to sign an indemnity and abide by the competition rules and regulations as laid down and sign to this effect with the competition hosts.
  2. All rules and regulations pertaining to the competition become effective at the commencement of registration until the end of prize giving.
  3. The competition starts at the commencement of the angler’s registration and closes at the end of prize giving.
  4. Starts for each angling period will be controlled and conducted by the executive committee.
  5. The responsibility is upon each competitor to familiarize himself with the competition and Msinsi holdings rules and regulations for this dam.
  6. No competitor shall approach another competitor who is fishing with a wet line to within casting distance of that angler or his marker. If asked to move must do so immediately. If that competitor fails or refuses to move and a line is cast over the intruder or reaches his boat. The offender if reported will have his days catch disqualified.
  7. All boating competitors must wear life jackets whilst under power of the main motor.
  8. All boats must have a live well and comply with Msinsi holdings boating rules and regulations.
  9. Boats and live wells may be inspected at any time by any of the organizing committee.
  10. Only artificial lures may be used and the use of live bait of any description by any competitor is prohibited
  11. No angler may drag or trawl a wet line behind the boat whilst under power of the main motor for the purpose of fishing.  (Trawling)
  12. No angler may use more than one rod at a time but may carry several spare rods in the boat ready for use.
  13. No angler may fish or practice at Inanda dam from Sunday midnight the weekend prior to the tournament.
  14. A junior is by definition a person under the age of 18 years on the 1st July.
  15. All competitors will respond to any emergency call of assistance.
  16. Angling will be from boats only. Bank angling is not allowed.
  17. Keep nets and stringers are not allowed.
  18. All boat occupants must have paid their entrance fee and be in possession of a boat angling disc during all angling periods.
  19. All competitors must be in possession of a valid Msinsi fishing license, skippers licence and have their boats registered
  20. If a boat disc is not on the disc board by the end of that fishing period closing time. The total days catch for all occupants in that boat will be disqualified.
  21. No wake rules between the buoys and shoreline will be strictly adhered to.
  22. No competitor may fish within the demarcated buoyed off, no wake area.
  23. Scale readings may only be taken and recorded by the weigh master or his appointed assistants.
  24. Competitors may only bring bass to the scale when the scales are free and they are called by the weigh master
  25. Only the official weigh bags of the competition will be accepted by the weigh master, competitors trying to weigh fish in other bags will be disqualified.
  26. A total of three fish may be weighed each day by each competitor, only the heaviest fish will count each day.

  27. A live bass will be deemed so if it gills regularly on its own whilst in water. the weigh masters decision is final in this regard.

  28. Bass must be a minimum 30cm in length to qualify and be in a live healthy condition. The weigh masters decision is final in this regard.
  29. Bass will be measured on a flat surface from the tip of a closed mouth to the furthest tip of the tail; the weigh masters decision is final.
  30. In the event of a tie, the angler’s next biggest fish will be taken into account. If no second fish is caught by either angler. The winner will be decided by the flip of a coin.
  31. A single one bass may not qualify for more than one prize, unless it is weighed together with other bass to calculate a team prize.
  32. In the event of a competitor, being found guilty of unsporting conduct or rule breaking the disciplinary committee may at its discretion disqualify that days catch. Any dishonesty in fraudulently winning of prizes shall be viewed as fraud and treated accordingly.
  33. Any competitor who is absent at prize giving without the chairman’s permission will have any prizes forfeited that they may have won.
  34. All boat occupants will be penalized for infringements of any rules, by any angler on that boat, at the disciplinary committee discretion.
  35. All objections must be lodged with the I.B.C. Disciplinary Committee in writing within 30 minutes after that fishing session.
  36. If any doubt exists regarding any angling rules or regulations or their interpretation, this will be decided by the competition executive committee and their decision will be final.

I.B.C. Chairman K. H. Ainslie